Full-Time Incoming Call Receptionist

Full-Time Incoming Call Receptionist

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How much is the average dental patient worth? $500-$1000/year!

If you have a good practice and keep each patient for 5-10 years, their revenue will total to $2,500-$10,000 per a new patient.

60-70% of incoming calls at a dental office are answered, that means 30-40% are NOT answered.

86% of new patients will not leave a message if your office does not pick up.

Do you think you’re missing at least a patient or two by not picking up the phone? I think you are, perhaps even more...

Your Solution: Full-Time Offsite Incoming Call Receptionist

✅Will be trained by the best incoming call training from Cardone University

✅High conversion rates of calls to converted patients 

✅Will give an unbelievable impression to whoever is calling

✅Will give you 160 hours/month (40 hours/week) outside of OR during regular office hours for incoming call reception

✅Calls will be recorded for quality assurance purposes

✅HIPAA Compliant Training

✅Customly Trained In Accordance To Your Office's Specificty

✅Optional Appointment Booking